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In 2015, the founders of Lumen Student News saw the need to deliver a high-quality news service that embraces classic American values. In October 2017, we made that a reality by launching the daily 10-minute on-demand service for middle and high school students.

At Lumen, we strive to provide kids with the opportunity to be informed by real news stories that emphasize classic American values, including hard work, integrity, charity, accountability to someone and something bigger than ourselves, perseverance, love and compassion, humility, respect, kindness, justice and equality, and patriotism.

Our team feels strongly about covering the daily headlines, in an educational way, to help young people understand the world in which they live, and why our country is exceptional.

Each episode features a 5-minute segment covering news of the day, followed by a 5-minute topical segment. They are released early each weekday morning, and the topics and a link to the daily episode are delivered to your email inbox at 7 a.m. Eastern when you subscribe to our newsletter.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of subscribing to Lumen Student News?
While America is not without flaws, we believe our country is exceptional because of the values mentioned above, our sacrifice to spread freedom around the world and belief in the free enterprise system. In addition to the daily newscast, we provide a discussion guide intended to spur additional thought and research, as well as online resources to students so they can learn even more about the topics we’re covering.
How often are new episodes published?
Episodes are released every school day. Seeing how schools and families have such a diverse learning schedule, we will be in production year-round. Most episodes feature a 5-minute headlines segment, followed by a 5-minute topical segment each day of the week. Occasionally, Lumen will release special episodes tackling big topics in America, such as free speech.
What type of videos can I expect with my subscription?
In the 5-minute headlines segment, we cover current events, such as action in Washington, D.C. and around the world. We cover interesting people, places and events in America. We talk about the latest in technology and innovations by American entrepreneurs.

The second segments fall into five verticals:

Work Matters: The importance of work and getting students to think about the role they can play in America’s economy.
Awesome America: Amazing people, places and events that have shaped our country into the incredible place it is today.
What’s That All About? We dive deep into topics kids may be hearing about in the news, but may not know that much about, such as tension with North Korea, how the stock market works and what went into creating some of the largest fast food companies in the world.
Newsmakers: We profile Americans who are having a positive impact on our country and society, ranging from a country singer who channels his war experience into songs, to the heroes who stopped the church rampage in Texas.
Fun Friday: We lighten up for the weekend by still educating students, but on topics that are more fun, such as the science of roller coasters, or how hot air balloons work, to how cheese is made.

How much is Lumen Student News?
Individual subscriptions, intended to be used in a homeschool setting or a small group, are $7.99 a month or $79.99 a year.

Classroom subscriptions are available for $15.99 a month or $149.99 a year.

I have several classrooms that would like to subscribe. Do you offer discounts?
Yes. To discuss how we can meet your needs, please contact Tudor Dixon at [email protected].
How can students view Lumen?
At this time, episodes are available on our website. As we grow, an app will be available for Apple and Google devices.

We will soon be providing an option to classroom or school subscribers to create individual logins for students who have school-issued devices to be able to watch Lumen on-demand in the classroom, or be able to watch episodes from home.

To discuss how we can meet your needs, please contact Tudor Dixon at [email protected].

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