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About Lumen News

In 2015, the Founder of Lumen Student News started talking about bringing unbiased news to America’s middle and high school students. In 2017, our team made that a reality with our corporate headquarters in the Midwest and production located in New York City.

At Lumen, we strive to provide kids with the opportunity to view real news stories that will reinforce traditional American values and highlight the remarkable country we call home. Our team feels strongly about covering the daily headlines, in an educational way, to help our youth understand the world in which they live.

We didn’t want the education to stop with the daily news, which is why we are dedicating our second segment to one educational topic per day. These topics range from interviews with newsmakers to touring war memorials and delving into our veteran’s dedication to our country and their sacrifices for our freedoms.

We are excited to teach kids about free markets, individual liberty, our history, our communities, American products and how they’re made and the importance of work. At Lumen, we believe learning is fun and we want your kids to join us as we explore our world. Please subscribe for the middle and high school students in your life.